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    We are glad to welcome you in "VIP Zone" of RIN project - "Russian Information Network"!
    • Modern communication facility and new information technologies find broader business application day by day, and nowadays there is no need for businessmen to leave their study to establish new business contacts.
    • The Internet gives huge opportunities being not only the means for reception of latest news but also the most operative way for establishing new contacts.
    • Our site is designed for those who search for new business ideas and opportunities. You can find here the data on heads, directors, presidents of Russian enterprises, organizations and firms, and a nice opportunity to send a message to them.
    • Note that the Internet has no limits - it provides worldwide association and business contacts in case there is the network access, as information is the most valuable and necessary condition of successful work for businessmen.
    • Business contacts are impossible without commercial correspondence. On project "Letters Master" you will find recommendations for writing business letters.

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