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  • Search according to cities and sections (kinds of activity of organizations are listed).
  • Specify your search according to a kind of activity (for example "Information technologies"), surnames of heads and/or names of organizations.

  •  HELP

    • Why can't I find a person I need?
      The search result can consist of hundreds people. If you can't find a person you need among them, add more details in your search request. Maybe the person you search for is not registered here, though we have about registered 10.000 VIPs.
    • How can I change my info?
      After the registration, you will get a letter to the email address you entered at the registration. In the letter you'll find a link where you can edit or delete your information. Also you can edit your information in the following way: enter your email and password on the main page of the site in the Members area.
    • How can I delete my info?
      Just click on "Delete" in your profile.
    • Why can't I register several profiles?
      Every profile implies one email address. Every new profile should be with a new email address.
    • I am afraid that spammers can get my email. Privacy policy.
      All emails are hidden from the users. They can only send you a message through our website. Besides, every user can send from our site not more than 7 letters per day.
    • How can I ask for my forgotten password?
      If you forgot your password, enter your email address in the appropriate field and click on "Remind my password". The password will be sent to that email address.
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